What Happens During Sedation Dentistry

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If you have a fear of the dentist, sedation dentistry may be just what you're looking for to help ease your anxieties. There are many benefits to sedation dentistry, and if you have been hearing a lot about it, here are some of the major things you should know about sedation dentistry before you step into the dentist's chair.

Sedation Dentistry Explained 

Sedation dentistry will help you to relax while your dentist is examining or doing work in your mouth. You will be able to see what is happening around you but you will feel a lot more relaxed. You will not be conscious of any pain that is happening to you but you will still be aware of your surroundings.

Before the Procedure

Since there are a wide variety of sedation options available your dentist will discuss your options. You can get sedated intravenously or using more external methods. Your dentist will discuss with you which sedation options best suit your situation. Your dentist will take into account your health history and any medications you are currently taking in order to select the sedation method that is right for you.

Your dentist may request that you do not eat anything a few hours before you come in for your appointment. If you are taking blood thinners your dentist may ask you to stop taking these for a few days before your dental procedure. This is because blood thinners can make it more difficult for any bleeding to stop after you've had some dental procedures.


Once you are ready to have your dental procedure done your dentist will give you the sedation medication. You will also be given local anesthesia to ensure that your gums and your teeth become numb. In most cases, once the dentist is finished working you will need someone to drive you home. The person that you select to take you home needs to be someone with whom you are very familiar. 

Remember you will be slightly out of it and the last thing you want is someone you don't know well driving you home, as this could be potentially dangerous.

Remove Dental Anxiety 

If you have anxiety about going to the dentist then sedation dentistry is a good option for you. Make sure that you talk to your dentist about all the options available to you so you can begin to feel comfortable about going to the dentist.