Six Indications That You Need To Have Your Dentist Inspect Your Dental Implant

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Although dental implants are a helpful dental solution that often lasts a long time, some patients may experience issues with them that need to be corrected by a dentist promptly. The sooner you have your dentist look at a problem dental implant, the less severe the resulting complications are likely to be.

The following are six indications that you need to have your dentist look at an existing dental implant. 

You’ve Noticed a Chip or Other Physical Defect in Your Implant

Although dental implants are made from strong and durable materials, that doesn't mean that they can't become damaged over time.

It's possible for an implant to become chipped or physically damaged in another way. A damaged dental implant needs to be replaced promptly because it is likely to be weaker and susceptible to additional damage in the near future.

You’re Experiencing Pain in the Area of Your Mouth Where Your Dental Implant Is Located

Initially, patients may experience some discomfort immediately after the dental implant procedure as the surgery site heals. However, a dental implant should not be the cause of pain or discomfort after it has healed.

If you are experiencing pain or discomfort from a dental implant, you need to discuss this issue with your dentist. 

The Gums Around Your Implant Look Red and Swollen

Gums that are red and swollen around an implant could indicate a serious problem that needs to be addressed. Peri-implantitis is a condition indicated by swollen gums that some patients with implants experience. This is a type of gum disease that needs to be treated promptly once it is detected. 

Your Dental Implant Feels Loose or Weak

When a dental implant is loose or weak, this is a strong indication that osseointegration hasn't occurred properly between the jawbone and the implant. Fortunately, there are several techniques available that can help encourage osseointegration including implant surface modifications. 

The Positioning of Your Dental Implant Seems to Have Changed

You might at some point feel that your dental implant has shifted slightly and isn't positioned exactly as it originally was. This is something you should definitely tell your dentist about. Even the slightest shift in implant position could indicate a problem that requires prompt dental treatment. 

You’ve Begun to Have Issues With Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding can occur in patients for many different reasons. One possible reason is because of dental implant failure. If you have a dental implant in place and have recently started to notice that you're grinding your teeth while sleeping or at other times, you should have your dentist look at your implant. 

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