What Is Considered A Dental Emergency?

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Nobody wants to go to the dentist because of an emergency situation, especially during the current pandemic where you may want to avoid any emergency visit if possible. However, there are sometimes reasons that are worth visiting a dentist as soon as possible. Here are some reasons that you will want to visit an emergency dental professional to deal with the issue you are having.

Broken Tooth

Were you eating a meal and suddenly had a tooth break from biting down on something that was too hard? This can cause the tooth to break and cause a need for immediate dental can. It is not something worth waiting to visit the dentist, even if the tooth does not hurt. That is because you have part of the tooth that is missing the protective layer of enamel, and the tooth is more likely to form decay than it did before part of the tooth broke off.


Do you have a toothache that is severe enough where it is going to prevent you from having a good night sleep due to the pain being consistent? There is no reason that you have to live with this type of discomfort, and you should visit an emergency dentist to figure out what is wrong. This will likely involve having an x-ray taken of the tooth, and seeing what is happening on the inside that could be causing you so much pain. 


Do you have swelling in your jaw that you can clearly pinpoint to a tooth? If so, this means that there is an infection in that tooth and it will only get worse. You do not want that infection to spread to nearby teeth where it can compromise even more of your mouth. Have the swelling looked at immediately by a dentist. 


Did you eat something that is cold or hot, but the food left your teeth feeling extremely sensitive for several minutes after you finished eating? This level of dental sensitivity is not normal, and it is your body's way of telling you that something is wrong and it needs to be investigated. While you may have moments where a food or beverage feels like it is on the extreme side of the temperature scale, that feeling should go away quite quickly and not be painful.

Reach out to an emergency dentist if you feel like you have an issue that could justify a trip to their office.