Allergic To Metal? Ceramic Fillings May Protect Your Oral Health

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Your dentist noticed some cavities – your first ever – and needs to fill you with some high-quality fillings to protect your oral health. Unfortunately, you are allergic to metal and don't know if you can even get fillings. Thankfully, ceramic or metal-free filling options are available for those in your situation.

Metal Allergies May Affect Your Oral Care

People with metal allergies often have many difficulties with their oral care that starts all the way at the inspection. Your dentist will have to use metal-free alternatives to clean your teeth to ensure that they don't touch your gums and cause complications with your health.

Even worse, you are going to be in a tough situation if you need to get fillings because so many are made using metal. This situation can become very complex if you have multiple teeth that experience decay and you need to keep them strong against the rampant spread of decay.

Thankfully, there are many types of metal-free filling options that you can utilize to protect your oral health. For example, ceramic options are often among the most popular choices and can ensure that your dental health is as strong as possible for years to come.

Why Ceramic Fillings are a Good Choice

Ceramic fillings are an increasingly popular option for those who suffer from metal fillings. They are more resistant to staining compared to most metal-free options, which is great if you have a genetic predisposition for producing high levels of plaque and bacteria in your mouth.

Ceramic fillings contain no metal at all and provide those with allergies the chance to protect their oral health for years to come. Just as importantly, these ceramic fillings look great and match your teeth more closely than many other types of fillings, which helps minimize their appearance.

Even better, ceramic fillings are one of the strongest of all metal-free filling options. With proper care, they can last more than 15 years, and even upwards of 20. As a result, this high-quality choice is often the best option for those who are trying to keep their teeth strong for years.

So if you're allergic to metal and want to make sure that you get the strong oral care that you deserve, make sure to contact a professional dentist right away to learn more about metal-free fillings. Ceramic options may just be what you need to ensure that you don't experience any other oral health issues.