Are You A Snorer? Your Teeth Could Be To Blame

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Snoring is a common problem that many people experience, even if they themselves don't know that they're doing it. If you know that you snore or if a loved one has told you that you do, you should know that there's a possibility that the way that your teeth are aligned has a role to play in it. Here's how your teeth factor into snoring and a path to fixing the problem.


The main problem with teeth that can trigger snoring is an overbite. This is when the lower jaw isn't as long as the upper jaw. You'll know if you have an overbite if when your teeth are resting against each other, the top teeth will overlap the bottom teeth. If this sounds familiar, chances are high that you have an overbite, and it might be causing you to snore at night.

What Overbites Trigger

The problem with the overbite is the shortness of the lower jaw. There are two major factors that play into snoring and other sleeping breathing disorders, like sleep apnea. Those are your tongue and your windpipe.

With an overbite, your tongue doesn't have as much space to stretch out as it would if your jaw were larger. This means that when you go to sleep and your muscles relax, your tongue may fall back towards your throat, partially obstructing your airway.

The other alternative is that your airway is closing because your jaw is too far back to provide the tension it needs to stay open while you're relaxed and asleep. Unfortunately, this problem is part of a bigger sleep disorder called sleep apnea that can be dangerous to your health.

Getting Help

If you now think that you have an overbite and know that you snore, you should visit an orthodontist. You can explain your issue to them and have them quickly examine your teeth to find out if you have an overbite. If you do, the two of you can start planning to have your teeth realigned.

This whole process can be completed with traditional metal braces or invisible braces, which may be more convenient for you. Of course, your choices will depend upon the exact specifics of your jaw and teeth alignments, but your dentist will detail all the options you have available to you.

Minimizing or eliminating your snoring at night can be accomplished with braces and teeth straightening. If you're worried that your jaw is causing snoring or sleep apnea, consult an orthodontist or dentist like David W Hyten DMD.