Should You Take Your Child To A Pediatric Dentist?

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There is a difference between a traditional dentist and a pediatric dentist. The largest difference is the type of clients the dentist treats. While a family or regular dentist will usually see all types of patients, a pediatric dentist typically only sees very young patients or those who have special needs. If you are wondering what type of dentist your child should see, know that your little one is able to go to either one and will receive great care. However, there are times when a pediatric dentist is not only better, but necessary for your child's needs.

Here are reasons you should consider a pediatric dentist for your child over a traditional family or general dentist. This way, you'll know you are giving your child the best dental care for their needs.

Your child has an oral deformity

Some deformities that are common in children include a lip or tongue tie or a cleft lip. These common issues are often not life-threatening, but they can make taking care of your child's oral health needs more difficult. If your child is lip or tongue tied, they may need to have the condition corrected, which can be done by a dental practitioner, like a pediatric dentist, who specializes in this kind of work.

Your child is differently abled

Is your child partially paralyzed in the face? Do they have cerebral palsy or another condition that can affect the shape of their mouth or jaw? If your child is differently abled, then they need to see a pediatric dentist who carries a specialty for treating children with special needs. This way, your child can have their needs met, such as if they need to have a special stool or use their wheelchair throughout their appointments.

Your child is sensitive

Some children who have sensory processing disorder, ADHD, autism, or another condition can be sensitive to the lights, sounds, and motions that occur in the dentist's chair. If your child is sensitive, even if they don't have an actual medical diagnosis for anything, then they should see a pediatric dentist over a traditional dentist, as a pediatric specialist will understand your child's particular needs and can give them special attention and care.

The more you cater to your child's individual needs regarding their oral health, the better their experience at the dentist will be. Consider a pediatric dentist for your child in the future.