Things To Expect With Dental Implants

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All it takes to cause someone embarrassment is for them to lose one tooth at the front of their mouth.  A missing tooth can actually have a life-changing effect on some people, such when it comes to making new friends or attending job interviews. A partial denture is good enough to fill in the area where a tooth is missing, but it can also be frustrating to use due to having to remove it daily. There is a better way to replace a missing tooth that can remain in your mouth on a long-term basis. Use the information below to learn about dental implants and what to expect if you get one.

What is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is one of the most natural methods that you can choose in regards to replacing a missing tooth. The reason why is that an implant is basically designed to act in the same way as a natural root does. The implant will actually be installed directly into your jawbone, which then becomes the root for an artificial tooth. You can also expect the artificial tooth to feel natural and be as usable as the ones that grew from your gums. Dental implants are a quick fix for a missing tooth as long as you don't have any serious oral health problems that need to be treated before the procedure is done.

How Much Pain is Expected to Occur?

Getting a dental implant can be a painful experience when done in an improper manner. However, if you undergo the procedure by a qualified dentist, he or she will ensure that you are comfortable. You will basically be administered anesthesia to numb the pain, which can be done using different forms. There is the form that will simply numb your gums and you can stay awake during the procedure. You can also opt for general anesthesia that will keep you sedated until the implant has been placed in your jawbone.

How Often Do Implants Get Replaced?

Getting your implant replaced isn't a problem that you will have to be concerned about. The implant should remain in place for many years to come as long as your oral health is properly cared for. You must make sure you keep your teeth brushed to prevent your jawbones from becoming weak. Simply go to a dentist every now and then for checkups, as well as to obtain a thorough cleaning.