What Everyone Should Know About Teeth Whitening Services

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By brushing and flossing your teeth daily, one can enhance the whiteness and health of their teeth.  However, sometimes, brushing and flossing just isn't enough.  If you are unhappy with the color of your teeth and feel like they aren't as white as they once were, teeth whitening services are available to help brighten up your smile.

Over time, teeth can change color due to a number of reasons.  First, teeth are somewhat like sponges in the sense that they actually absorb what is put into our mouths.  Drinks like coffee and red wine are just two of the most common offenders due to their color pigmentation and damage they cause to enamel.  Even juice from fruits like dark berries is capable of staining or darkening those pearly whites.  Additionally, tobacco use causes teeth to stain due to the tar and nicotine found in products such as cigarettes.  Other times, teeth simply turn more yellow as people get older and the enamel grows thinner due to aggressive brushing.  While that sounds counterproductive and maybe even a bit absurd, it's indeed true.

Not to worry though.  Teeth whitening is a simple and safe practice.  Contrary to what some people may say, dental whitening does not damage your teeth.  Teeth whitening products contain a safe type of bleach that breaks down stains and whitens your teeth.  The dental whitening process utilizes a variety of ingredients to help temporarily open up pores on your teeth and remove stains.  Before someone decides to move forward with a teeth whitening service, however, it is important that they first consult their dentist.  Unfortunately, not all bleaches found in teeth whitening products are able to fix every type of tooth discoloration.  Often times, the cause of tooth discoloration may impede certain dental whitening services from being effective.  For example, if an individual's teeth have changed color due to medication or trauma, dental whitening services are seldom effective.  Additionally, it is important that individuals be made aware of the potential side effects, including increased tooth sensitivity.  This occurs when the bleach found in a dental whitening product irritates the nerve of a tooth.  In the vast majority of cases, however, this sensitivity is only temporary.

Also, there are a number of dental whitening services available.  From whitening toothpastes to in-office bleaching to at-home bleaching to over-the-counter gels, there are a number of solutions that can be carefully selected in order to meet the needs of each individual.