Suffering From Canker Sores? What You Need To Know About Them

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A canker sore can be very annoying and painful, and if you frequently get canker sores, you'll suffer from problems eating, talking, and even smiling. If you suffer from canker sores and don't know how or why you got them, it is important to understand as much as possible about these pesky sores so you can deal with them.

Why Canker Sores Form

There is no single cause for a canker sore forming in your mouth, but there are things that are known to trigger them to show up.  

A common cause is some sort of injury inside your mouth. This could be from having a sharp tortilla chip rub against the soft tissue of your mouth, which will start out small but grow to become a large canker sore.

You could also have the soft tissue bump against your teeth during a contact sport, causing the small cut to form. People with braces can have the sharp edges of the brackets cause canker sores to form as well. Other causes of canker sores include stress and foods that are acidic.

How To Treat Canker Sores

Your canker sore will naturally go away on its own if you do not do anything, but the sore could remain longer than normal if you accidentally bite it or irritate it when eating.

Consider relieving discomfort by rinsing with a salt water solution, which will provide antibacterial benzocaine as the active ingredient to numb the area of your mouth temporarily, which can give you relief when eating or talking. Your dentist may be able to prescribe you a prescription for a stronger topical medication that will numb the canker sore as well.

You could also take a pain reliever that can help with inflammation, such as ibuprofen, to make your body feel better while you have the canker sores.

How To Prevent Canker Sores

By being aware of what causes canker sores, you can take steps to prevent them from forming. Slow down when eating those sharp tortilla chips, wear a mouth guard during contact sports, and use dental wax to cover the sharp parts of braces. You can also find ways you reduce stress in your life if that is the main cause of canker sores, though stress is much harder to control.

Visit a dentist, such as Pavlakos Vasilios Bill J DDS PC Dentist, if you are continuing to struggle with canker sores, and they will help provide some insight as to what you can do to deal with them.