2 Weird Things A Cosmetic Dentist Can Do For You

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If you are seeing a cosmetic dentist in the future, you may be surprised at all the things they can do other than giving you a bright smile, dental implants, dental crowns, dentures and much more. Many cosmetic dentists can also do other procedures that people ask them to do. Below are two of these procedures so you can decide if something like this is for you.

Teeth Shape Modification

A cosmetic dentist can sharpen teeth to look like a vampire, shark's teeth, etc. This teeth modification started with Bali people but people in the United States also have this done. Most cosmetic dentists will likely not do this, however. This is because it will weaken the structure of the teeth when the dentist files the teeth down.

Instead of this, the dentist will ask you if you want them to place sharpened crowns over the teeth. The crowns are sharpened first to look much like fangs. The crowns cannot be removed but it is much safer for the teeth.

Another option is not permanent. The dentist can first sharpen veneers and place the veneers over the teeth. The veneers can easily be removed so they will not cause damage to the teeth.

Widening Gaps

Someone that has a wide gap in their front teeth will likely see an orthodontist to have the gap closed to make their teeth look normal. Children and adults can have the gap closed. Some people, however, choose to have the gap widened instead of closed to create a unique look.

A gap is also called diastemas if it is in adult teeth. This is generally due to the teeth size and the jaw bone size being not the same size. Some people can have the gap widened even more by a cosmetic dentist. The dentist will do this by grinding away the enamel on each tooth that is on each side of the gap.

This procedure can cause tooth decay, however. This is because enamel is the first layer over teeth that protects the teeth from decay. The dentist could not restore any enamel that they remove so this is a lifelong problem. Whoever has this done would have to take good care of their teeth. The dentist may give them a special toothpaste to help protect the teeth that the enamel was removed from.

Your dentist can give you much more information about these two procedures. Contact a company like Advanced Dentistry of St. Charles for more info.