Why Self-Ligating Braces Might Work For You

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Having straight teeth can help improve your self confidence. Thus, if you are concerned about the way that your misaligned teeth make you feel about your appearance, you may be considering having them straightened using an orthodontic appliance. One orthodontic option that can often be applied to straighten the teeth is the use of self-ligating braces. Here are a few reasons that self-ligating braces might work for you:

They are often able to reposition the teeth without extractions

If you have teeth that are unusually crowded as well as misaligned, some of your teeth may need to be removed before traditional braces can correct your misalignment. However, with self-ligating braces, all of your teeth can often be left in place and still properly positioned.

You want a reduced treatment time

If you would like to reduce the time required for your alignment process, self-ligating braces could benefit you. These braces tend to reposition the teeth more quickly than conventional braces. The reduction in time is due to the lessening of friction that must be overcome in order for the alignment force of an archwire to straighten your teeth.

With traditional braces, an archwire is connected to brackets that are bonded to the teeth using elastic bands. These bands produce friction as your teeth are forced into a new position. In order to move your teeth, the force exerted by the archwire must first overcome the frictional force from the bands.

With self-ligating braces, bands are not used. Instead, the archwire is fed through small holes in the self-ligating brackets. The structure of the brackets and the elimination of the elastic bands reduce the friction associated with the alignment process and speed up the progression of your treatment.

You want a discreet alignment option

Self-ligating brackets tend to be smaller than the brackets used for traditional braces. Additionally, the brackets are available in ceramic. Thus, you can enjoy having tooth-colored brackets in place during your treatment.

You have a busy schedule

The use of self-ligating braces can help reduce the number of orthodontic visits that will be required throughout your treatment process. As a result, you can go on with your life without having to make adjustments for large numbers of orthodontic appointments.

To learn more about self-ligating brackets and to determine whether or not you are a great candidate for this alignment option, schedule an appointment with a dental office in your area.