Three Reasons Invisalign Is Better For Adults Than Traditional Braces

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In recent years, more adults than ever before have been turning to Invisalign over traditional braces to correct problems with their teeth. While Invisalign has a number of advantages over braces, it turns out that there are actually several great reasons for adults specifically to choose Invisalign. Here's a look at three of the biggest advantages:

#1: I Feel Good: Invisalign is Much More Comfortable Dealing with pain from braces is something that nobody wants to deal with, but it's something that most adults just don't have time for. Brackets and wires can cause gums and lips to bleed, and it may take several appointments for those wires to be adjusted and tightened. Invisalign uses simple, comfortable plastic aligners to correct the position of teeth, and fit over teeth like a glove. Each Invisalign aligner is usually work for about 14 days before the next one.

#2: Now You (Don't) See Me: Invisalign Really is Virtually Invisible One of the most popular advantages of Invisalign, and the biggest reason most people choose it, is the fact that it's incredibly discreet. As the name implies, it's often virtually invisible. Braces already come with a stigma for young people, but that stigma is multiplied many times over for adults. Many adults even worry that braces might make them look immature or childish. But Invisalign has no metal brackets (and no metal at all, actually), so speaking in front of people and even taking photos poses no problem at all.

#3: Take Some Time Off: Invisalign is Temporarily Removable The average time for an adult to wear braces is two years. While Invisalign is pretty unnoticeable on their own, there are times when an adult would simply have nothing at all on their teeth, like if they're speaking in front of a large group. And aside from worrying about looks, two years is a long time for an adult to change their daily routine when it comes to brushing. Regular braces can be tough to brush around and require a fair amount of special care. It's actually pretty common for wearers to end up with yellow discoloration on their teeth from braces. But one of the things adults hate most about braces is simply missing out on foods they love. Chewy foods (like candy or well cooked meats) and many types of bread are often off limits. Invisalign though is temporarily removable for an important speech, for daily brushing, or for a special meal.