2 Tooth Replacement Options To Restore Your Smile

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There are multiple reasons that a person can lose one or more teeth. For instance, teeth can be lost due to trauma, such as a blow to the mouth, or from tooth decay. However there are realistic looking tooth replacement options available. For a casual observer, most of these options are difficult to distinguish from natural teeth. Here are two tooth replacement options available to restore the appearance of your smile:

Dental Implants

Dental implants are prosthetic teeth that are surgically implanted into the bone of the jaw. Implants include a metal screw or rod to replace the root of a tooth.

The implant can be placed during a single dental visit in an outpatient setting. Still, once the screw is inserted into the jawbone, the wound must heal in order for the implant to become stable. The healing takes place over a couple of months, and after the wound has healed, preparation can be made for the placement of a crown.

In preparation, your dentist may insert a device into your gums to shape the gums so that they fit naturally around the contours of a dental crown. This shaping helps ensure that your dental implant is difficult to distinguish from the other teeth in your mouth. Once the shaping device has been removed, an abutment may be placed on the dental implant to connect the implant screw to a dental crown.

Usually, a porcelain or porcelain-over-metal crown is used for a dental implant due to the similarity between porcelain and natural tooth material. Before the implant crown can be made, the dentist may make a mold or impression of your mouth to ensure that the fit and shape of the crown is suitable. The impression is sent to a dental laboratory so that the crown can be fashioned properly. Once the crown is back from the dental laboratory, an abutment can be placed and the crown can be affixed to the implant screw.


Dentures are false teeth made of acrylic or porcelain that are attached to a resin or metal base plate. They are often used to replace a full palate of missing teeth. However, partial dentures are available when several teeth are missing.

Dentures may be held in place by dental adhesive and natural suction. However, some dentures are held in place using connectors that attach to underlying natural teeth or dental implants. Thus, people who choose dentures do not have to be concerned about their prosthetic teeth slipping about their mouth as they eat or speak.

If you have missing teeth that you like to have replaced, schedule an appointment with a local dentist for a consultation.

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