Three Implant Solutions To Give You A New Smile With Perfect Teeth

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There are many reasons why you may be considering having implants. Implants can be used to replace missing teeth, correct dental problems or even to hold dentures in place. They give you natural-looking teeth and function more like your natural teeth. If you are considering implants, there are several different options depending on your needs. Here are some of the things that can be done with new dental implants:

1. Replacing Missing Teeth With Dental Implants

If you have missing teeth, implants can be used to replace single teeth. This can be an option if you have a tooth that needs to be extracted. It will give you more of a natural solution than dental bridges. There are also mini implants, which are smaller and can be used when there are several teeth that need to be removed. The mini implants can be used to replace teeth with more natural looking treatments than bridges or partial dentures. They can also be used to fix a partial denture.

2. Using Implants To Mount A Permanent Dental Bridge

You may also need to have bridges if you are missing multiple teeth. This can be done with implants, which will hold the bridges in place. Implants will mean that less work has to be done to healthy teeth and the bridge can be attached to the implants. A bridge can be a good solution for replacing front teeth that often get knocked out in accidents. You can have a couple of implants that can be used to mount a bridge to replace your natural teeth. They can also be used for a partial denture piece.

3. Implants Used To Give Dentures A Solid Natural Structure

Dentures can also benefit from implants. Using implants with dentures can give you a solid structure for them to attach to, which can make them seem more natural. These can be the conventional removal type of dentures, or they can even be permanently fixed dentures that feel much more like your natural teeth. If you are considering dentures to replace your natural teeth, implants can help make them feel like your real teeth and give you fewer problems.

These are some of the options that you have with dental implants. If you have dental problems that can be treated with implants, contact a cosmetic dental office, such as Dental Associates PC, to evaluate the best treatment to bring your smile back.