How A Dentist Can Treat A Decayed Molar

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Do you have a molar that has a big cavity and is hard to chew food with? You may want to get the cavity taken care of in a prompt manner if you don't want to risk getting an abscess. A dentist, such as those found at Willowdaile Family Dentistry, can then put a dental crown on the decayed tooth to help with chewing. In this article, discover how a dentist can treat a decayed molar and what a dental crown is estimated to cost.

What Kind of Treatment is Needed for a Decayed Molar?

A big cavity in a molar tooth may also mean that there is an infection present. A dentist will treat the infection with antibiotics before moving forward with anything else. You must also get an x-ray because it will show the dentist whether there is any jawbone damage. If you had an infection for a long time and it unknowingly turned into gingivitis, it is possible that it progressed into periodontal disease. Jawbones often get weak from periodontal disease.

If the dentist discovers that you have already developed an abscess from neglecting to get prompt treatment, he or she will have to get rid of it via a root canal. Basically, a hole will be drilled in your molar if the cavity is not already big enough. The dentist will then have to dig deep inside of the canal of your molar to remove dead nerves and damaged blood vessels. The toxic pus inside of the abscess will also be drained out during the root canal procedure.

After the molar is treated for the infection and abscess, dental putty will be used to fill in the hole. A dentist can then put a dental crown on the molar if you desire him or her to do so. A dental crown can be beneficial for a big cavity that left little enamel to chew with, as the crown can keep the thin enamel intact. The crown will cover your entire tooth to make chewing food easier.

What is a Dental Crown Estimated to Cost?

If you have dental insurance, it may cover at least half of the price for a dental crown. A dental crown can cost as little as $500, but can be over $3,000 on the highest end of the scale. The overall price depends on the type of crown that you opt for and what size is needed to cover your molar. Visit a dental clinic as soon as you can to get your cavity treated.