How To Help Your Child Lose Their Baby Teeth

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Losing baby teeth is a completely normal process, but it isn't without its hiccups. Sometimes teeth fall out completely unexpectedly and easily, or loose teeth can partially hang on far longer than they should. If you're wondering if you should help your child to get a stubborn tooth out, this guide will provide you with some good advice.

When They Should Fall Out

The first thing to keep in mind is that your child's teeth can fall out to make space for adult teeth any time between the ages of 6 and 12. Generally, children's teeth fall out in the order they grew in: the longer the tooth was in their mouth, the more likely it is to fall out.

Methods You Should & Shouldn't Try

Normally, your child's teeth will fall out on their own without any extra help beyond chewing and talking. However, there are times where it might take a little more time.

It's generally not recommended to try and remove your child's tooth by pulling it. If the root hasn't shriveled completely, you could snap the tooth off of the root and cause a gum infection. This would be extremely painful for your child and the solution might be to give your child a root canal.

If you want to give it some extra help with their loose tooth, encourage your child to wiggle it with their tongue or finger as they please. This gentle wiggling motion will help to slowly loosen the tooth, and your child will stop before it ever hurts.

If this doesn't work, try giving them something crunchy to eat like celery or an apple. The biting and chewing motion is more natural than simply yanking on the tooth.

Problems That Need Medical Attention

Unfortunately, not every tooth will fall out like it should. There are a few conditions you should keep an eye out for, and if you see one of these symptoms, take your child to a dentist as soon as possible.

It may make you nervous, but in most cases your child's baby teeth will fall out all on their own like generations past. If you're worried, a dentist like Dr Nancy Willis - Children's Dentistry can offer more advice and examine their teeth to make sure everything's going smoothly.