How A Dentist Can Make Your Child's Dental Visit Less Stressful

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If you find yourself with a child that has a fear about seeing a dentist, you are not alone. Many children suffer from extreme anxiety when it comes to seeing a dentist, and sometimes that fear carries itself over into adulthood. When this happens, unfortunately people visit the dental less and less. So it's important that you address these fears with your child and with their dentist as soon as you possibly can. Here are some ways that your dentist may address your child's fear and anxiety.

Different Forms Of Sedation For Anxiety

Children who are a bit anxious about seeing a dentist may benefit from nitrous oxide. This is known as laughing gas, and it is delivered to your child through a mask. It can help them relax during treatment, which is helpful to your child and the dentist. Nitrous oxide has very little effects on your child and are eliminated very quickly from the body. Your child is also awake and can still interact with the dentist and their staff.

However, because your child has to wear a mask, they may resist, so this may not be the right option for your child.

Oral Sedation

If your child is extremely anxious, they may need a stronger medication than nitrous oxide. Some are given to your child by mouth. Dentists will consider the anxiety level of the child, as well as how much your child is able to cooperate, and the treatment your child is there to receive. When your child is orally sedated, they may sleep but can easily be woken. 

Other Forms Of Sedation

General anesthesia is another form of sedation, and they don't necessarily need to be given by mouth. They can be administered by an injection, using a suppository, intravenously, or through the child's nose. It really depends on your child and the type of treatment your child is seeking to receive. 

Talking to your child is not necessarily a form of sedation, but it can naturally help your child relax. Perhaps taking them with you when you have a dental procedure done may help calm their nerves. Having your child's dentist talk to them about the types of procedures that they are receiving, perhaps showing them an animated procedure or how it's done on a model will be helpful for the child. The key is to help your child understand that dental care is very important to your child's overall health.   

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